Young Adult Carers Share Their Stories

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Carers' Stories

​For Young Carers Awareness Day, we are featuring Young Adults Carers (YACs) speaking about their caring lives. The YACS attend a regular, monthly Young Adult Carer group for carers aged 17-25 years, and they talk about how the group meetings and other young carers help them.

Jordan is a young adult carer. He has a message for other young carers who may be finding things difficult.


Luke is a young adult carer who looks after his mum every day, giving her emotional support and helping around the home. Luke talks about how it helps him meeting with other young carers at our regular monthly young adult carers group in Hastings.


Jake cares for a couple who didn’t have anyone to help them, and one of the people he cares for has Alzheimer’s. He started to care for them full-time after giving up work and does many things including cooking and household tasks.


Kerryn cares for her mum and attends our Young Adult Carers monthly group. Karen explains why meeting other young carers helps her.


About our Young Adult Career Groups

Care for the Carers provide monthly Young Adult Carer (YAC) groups. Run by carer support workers, the groups are split into two sessions. The first half is structured and includes a workshop, a talk, or feedback and consultation opportunities. The second hour allows the carers to relax, chat with each other, or talk to a support worker.

As well as the monthly meetings, the young adult carers also take part in a range of fun activities, such as going to Go Ape or Go Karting, horseriding and fundraising events such as The Gauntlet challenge. They are also part of a closed Facebook group.

Find out more about our group and for further details and to join, please contact our Carers Hub

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