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Find out about organisations and services that can help you in your caring role

Some organisations that can offer support outside of Care for the Carers’ current office hours:

Online information and support for carers

Residential home help

Supporting Carers Identify & Plan Residential Respite (SCIPRR). SCIPRR is a short term service offered through Association of Carers,  where a volunteer helps a carer through the process of looking for a suitable residential home for the person they care for. They support them through identifying where would be most suitable and can accompany them on viewing visits. The volunteer can also visit the cared for person in residential respite if the carer is going away. There is a directory of care homes and services in East Sussex available online here.


Technology making carers’ lives easier

Financial help

About other carers

Online learning for carers

Staying safe online and ‘how to’ guides

Resources for carers of people with dementia, autism and Parkinson’s

  • Music Memories website from the BBC helps people with dementia reconnect with their most powerful memories.
  • Brain in Hand gives personalised support from an app on your phone, including diary, notes and reminders, and a traffic light system to help monitor anxiety.
    You can buy Brain in Hand directly from the Brain in Hand website, but is it expensive. Alternatively it’s available through schemes, including Access to Work for those starting work. University students can fund Brain in Hand through their Disabled Students Allowance, while schools can support students to fund Brain in Hand via Education Health and Care Plans, or it can be included in the person’s personal budget support plan.
    Support providers can also buy Brain in Hand for the person with care and support needs to use, and the National Autistic Society recommends sending their care provider information about Brain in Hand.
  • The Molehill Mountain app helps autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety.
  • Parkinson’s UK shares details of Apps and devices that can help with the day to day management of Parkinson’s.
  • M4D radio is part of the Music for Dementia campaign to make music available to everyone living with dementia, and includes music from a range of time periods.

Resources for health and social care professionals about technology for carers


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