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Business partnerships

By supporting us through your business, you will be helping to support local carers and make a positive difference to the thousands of carers in East Sussex. If you are interested in supporting carers’ lives, we would love to discuss what we can achieve together.

There are a variety of options to support our work, including sponsorship, donations, fundraising and awareness days as well as collaborative initiatives such as carer awareness training and opportunities to engage with carers. Your support can bring to life projects that local carers have told us would change their lives, or simply enable more carers to get the help they need.

To discuss how we can work together, sponsorship or donations please get in touch by calling us on 01323 738390 or by emailing info@cftc.org.uk.

Our business partners

Birchwood Group logo

The Birchwood Group are supporting Care for the Carers. Our partnership involves working together to make a difference for people in East Sussex who look after a relative or friend who couldn’t manage without their help.  Together with us, they will be fundraising, raising awareness for carers and collaborating on key campaigns such as Motability, Carers Week and Carers Rights Day.


“Care for the Carers offer wonderful support for the hidden carers in our community, especially during this difficult time. Birchwood Group are delighted to be offered the opportunity to engage with such inspirational people and we are so proud to offer any support we can.”

Paula Kemp

Marketing Director, Birchwood Group

Herington solicitors logo

“Over the past two years we have enjoyed and learned a lot from our first ever charity partnership with Care for the Carers. It has been fabulous to hear from them how they have benefited from the increased awareness we have been able to raise about the charity’s valuable work. And we are delighted to have been able to send their way much needed funds to enable them to continue helping the wonderful volunteer carers on whom so many rely, both in good and in bad, times. Our official partnership may be coming to an end but our relations with the team will continue and we wish everyone associated with the Care for the Carers every success. Support for the thousands of carers throughout East Sussex is needed now more than ever before.”

Richard Fisher

Managing Partner, Heringtons

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