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by | Oct 17, 2020 | Carer News, Fundraising

Maggie, the wonder Schnoodle pup, recently completed her first ever run of 3K at Halloween dressed in a Halloween pumpkin outfit!  So far Maggie has raised over £250 for local East Sussex carers. Here Maggie tells us about her run and gives her special tips on fundraising.

Hi Maggie, thanks for agreeing to talk to us about your recent fundraising. Can you start by giving us some background on yourself?

I’m Maggie, I’m a nine month old Schnoodle puppy and I live with Care for the Carers Fundraising Manager, Amy. Oh, and also, I’m Welsh!

Why did you want to support Care for the Carers?

Amy told me that there are lots of new carers because of the pandemic, and also it is a really stressful situation for carers at the moment. I wanted to do what I could to help carers get support.

What made you decide to do a Halloween run for us?

I wanted to do something that would be a bit difficult for me, but also fun. Nine months is the youngest age dogs are allowed to run, and because it was Halloween I thought it would be good to dress up as well. Amy chose my pumpkin outfit because she thought I looked hilarious and it definitely drew lots of attention to us.

How did you go about fundraising?

We set up a JustGiving page, which is really easy to do, and told people about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also messaged our friends. Care for the Carers helped us by posting about it, and letting people know about my challenge. We updated people regularly, and Amy took pictures and videos of me doing the challenge, which we posted afterwards as people also donated after I did my run.

How did you find it?

The run was fun- it was pretty windy by the seafront and I got quite tired. We had to stop three times so I could have a treat and be encouraged to keep running. Amy’s friend, Laura, ran in front of us with some treats and a squeaky ball, to encourage me to keep moving, which helped a lot!

How did you find fundraising?

It was really easy to set up, and luckily Amy and other people at Care for the Carers were there to help me.

What would you say to people who wanted to do their own event?

Choose something that is challenging to you, but also something you’ll enjoy and has a fun element to it. It doesn’t have to be a run, or even any physical activity. You could do an online quiz, or get sponsored to dye your hair a funny colour, whatever you want really. Amy can help you come up with something, and support you with fundraising and telling people about it.

What are you planning on doing next?

I’m looking forward to my first Christmas, but I am a bit concerned that Amy might dress me up as a Christmas Pudding!

Thank you for speaking to us today Maggie. There is still time to sponsor Maggie at If you would like to discuss fundraising for Care for the Carers or have a fundraising idea you would like to do, you can get in touch with Amy on

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