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Young Adult Carers take on The Gauntlet!

As young adult carers we all know how it feels to be responsible for somebody else’s care. We know how exhausting it can be, how much it can impact on other areas of your life and how sometimes people don’t understand this.

The Young Adult Carers (YAC) group run by Care for the Carers really helps us as it gives us the chance to spend time together, hang out and have fun, and be supported in our caring role. We have decided as a group to take on this challenge as we want to ensure that the YAC group can keep running. We also want to help Care for the Carers to provide more unpaid carers with the support they need.

We are taking on The Gauntlet Games in Brighton on 14th July 2018. It is a 5k race with plenty of obstacles! You can find more information on the challenge here: http://thegauntletgames.co.uk/

Watch the video to see what we are taking on:

We need your help to reach our goal, please donate what you can!

Many thanks,

Charlotte, Liam, Chris, Alannah, Chantelle, Jordan F, Jordan D, Jordan B, George, Matthew, Reece, Fraser, Rachel, Hannah and Amy

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