Carers Voices Conference 2020

Healthy Caring, Healthy You

Online throughout July 2020

Carers Voices Agenda 2020


1st July 2020

Launch of online Carers Voices videos

Videos will be available to view throughout July 2020

Welcome and Introduction

Jo Egan – Director of Services, Care for the Carers

Jo Egan

Carers Voices

Jennifer Twist – Chief Executive, Care for the Carers

Jennifer Twist

Caring Behind Closed Doors

Emily Holzhausen OBE – Director of Policy and Parliamentary Affairs, Carers Trust

Update from Carers Trust

Gareth Howells – CEO, Carers Trust

Carers Stories: Life during Coronavirus

Carers experiences through the pandemic

Young Adult Carers music video

Song written and produced by young adult carers

Information from local carer services

Local providers share their products and services in our marketplace


7th July 2020


Live online Q&A via video conferencing

Questions to our panel

  • Emily Holzhausen OBE, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Carers UK
  • Gareth Howells, CEO, Carers Trust,
  • Tamsin Peart, Strategic Commissioning Manager, East Sussex Adult Social Care and Health,
  • Jennifer Twist, CEO, Care for the Carers,
  • Jo Egan, Director of Services, Care for the Carers

Live online workshops via video conferencing:


14th July 2020


A whole new world? Experiences of caring during Coronavirus

Join Care for the Carers to share your experiences of caring during the coronavirus pandemic, both positive and negative.  Tell us what has worked well and what needs to change to enable healthy caring now and in the future.

Facilitated by Care for the Carers.


15th July 2020


Don’t forget me – young carers’ health & wellbeing

For young carers only, join East Sussex Young Carers to explore your health and wellbeing as a young carer, what helps and hinders you in your caring role, and where you can get support.

Facilitated by East Sussex Young Carers.


16th July 2020


Can you hear me? Exploring ways for parent carers to be heard above the noise

For parent carers only, join Amaze to find out about the support for individual parent carers to be heard by services and decision-makers and hear how East Sussex Parent Carers Forum are building a broader parent voice in the county.

Facilitated by Amaze and East Sussex Parent Carers Forum.


21st July 2020


Is it just me? An exploration of carers’ experiences of, and solutions to, loneliness and isolation

Join Care for the Carers to explore loneliness and isolation as a carer, and its impact on your health and wellbeing.  Share your experiences and hear from other carers about what has worked well to help them feel connected.

Facilitated by Care for the Carers.


28th July 2020


Managing the maze – making Health & Social Care Systems work for carers

Influence Care for the Carers’ work to make East Sussex more carer-friendly, by sharing your experiences of navigating local Health & Social Care systems and how they impact on your wellbeing.  Join us to give your views on what works well and what changes are needed.

Facilitated by Care for the Carers.


29th July 2020


Digitally included? What carers need online

Take part in the East Sussex focus group to inform Care for the Carers’ partnership project to develop user-friendly online tools for carers across Sussex.  Join this workshop to tell us what you need as a carer online, what might stop you from using digital help, and what your priorities are for digital support to enable healthy caring.

Facilitated by Care for the Carers.