Carers Conference

Care for the Carers holds an Annual Carers Voices Conference which is free to attend for unpaid carers.  Focusing on hearing Carers Voices, the conference aims are to:

  • keep carers informed and share information
  • bring carers together
  • listen to and amplify carers voices

The conference features a theme and the day includes workshops and speakers on a variety of useful and relevant topics of interest to carers.  The event provides an opportunity for carers to find out about different topics, meet other carers, and discuss their views and experiences.  The feedback shared by carers at the conference is used to inform Care for the Carers’ strategic work.


Healthy Caring, Healthy You 
July 2020

There is also an Information Market Place with displays from different statutory and voluntary organisations, offering information about services and resources available in East Sussex for unpaid carers.

The Care for the Carers’ conference is a popular event and gives carers the chance to network with other carers and a range of organisations, as well as enjoy a free lunch and refreshments.

To be notified when our next Carers Voices Conference is announced, join our Carers Voices Network.

You can read our July 2020 `Healthy Caring, Healthy You’ conference report here.

Read our update on what action has taken place in response to the conference recommendations.

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