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13 August 2018

I am carer for my mum and I am proud!

Natasha, one of the East Sussex young adult carers supported by Care for the Carers, has written a blog about her experience as a carer for her mum.

Sometimes being a carer can suck and other days you can feel blessed with what you do to help a loved one.

Each day is different from the last. Some days you might be able to go out and have a bit of you time if the person you care for is okay and some days you have to be with that person 24/7.

Carers don’t have a life like everyone else. It is different for us, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t just like everyone else – we just go through different things. Some days you have to be the adult of the house and do everything and other days you can be your ages for the day. Being a carer means good days and bad days, doing house work, cleaning and not having much sleep that night because you’re worried about the person you care for, and so on.

I am carer for my mum and I am proud! Yes, some nights I don’t sleep very well and I admit recently my mum has to lay with me until I fall asleep, but that’s because I know she’s safe when she’s next to me and I don’t have to worry every five minutes that something is going to happen.

Being a carer has made me grow up very quickly and see life differently from others, and made me who I am today. Just ‘cos I’m a carer doesn’t mean I’m not like everyone else.

I am proud to be a carer and wouldn’t have it any other way.

by Natasha Burrows, young adult carer in East Sussex.

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