We were 'born' in 1989 and to help us celebrate, why not embrace all things 80s by holding a 'birthday' party fundraiser for us?

Hold your own 80s party

Do you know an unpaid carer? How about celebrating them and other carers, '80s style?

Throughout 2019 Care for the Carers celebrated its 30th Anniversary! As we were 'born' in the '80s, we're asking people to celebrate unpaid carers by holding their own 80s themed fundraiser to help us support carers in need across East Sussex.

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Why not go back to the year we were created, 1989, and have an 80s themed party? Invite your guests to wow the crowds with some stylish (ahem) 80s fancy dress, dig out your The Specials, Kylie, Bros and Wham! showstoppers, pig out on 80s snacks, bring some neon back into your life, and as for entertainment - you could root around local charity shops for some nostalgic 80s board games.

80s party

So many party ideas!

Embrace the nostalgia of 80s films, TV shows, snacks, board games including Ghostbusters, E.T., Gladiators, Knight Rider, The A Team, Dallas, Operation, Gladiators, Top Gun, and many more.

There are so many ways you can raise money through an 80s party event:

  • Sell tickets to your event
  • Hold a raffle (maybe with some great 80s themed prizes)
  • Hold a bake sale (anyone for 80s themed cakes?)
  • Run a fancy dress competition
  • Have an 80s quiz - soooo many amazing trivia questions!

Get your fundraising pack

Email Amy Hope, Fundraising Manager, to order your fundraising pack to get your very own collection box. Do let us know about your event so we can help spread the word. 

You can also help carers by sharing our 80s party poster on social media! 

Download the 80s poster