The Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA) has launched the Eastbourne Dementia Inclusive Community Charter which aims to bring together local businesses, organisations and individuals to help to make Eastbourne and the surrounding area a dementia friendly and inclusive community.

Care for the Carers is delighted to announce that we are a Founder Associate Member of the Eastbourne Dementia Inclusive Community Charter.

Membership enables us to work with the EDAA and other Charter members to help to make Eastbourne a place where people living with dementia and their family, friends and carers can live their lives in the way they wish to live them. As a Charter member, we have confirmed our support of the Charter’s key principles and have pledged to undertake the following dementia friendly activities:

1.   Follow the EDAA Facebook page and share details of dementia inclusive services and initiatives.

2.   Schedule an in-house free one-hour Dementia Friends information session for colleagues / members (minimum 10 people), join a public session, or request an online 30-minute session. Individual Charter Partners to request to attend a public session.

3.   Ensure that carers of people living with dementia receive timely access to information, advice and support.

Read the full news release here and for further information about the Charter and its key principles, please visit Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance’s website.