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Young Carers Action Day takes place on Tuesday 16th March 2021.

Young Carers Action Day (YCAD 2021) is a day to highlight and empower young carers and amplify their voices, and this year YCAD 2021 is all about young carers’ futures. The theme is `Protect Young Carers Futures’ and making sure that all young and young adult carers get the support they need to go after their dreams. The day will highlight the incredible skills they have developed through being a carer – such as resilience, negotiation, time management and empathy. These skills are needed and highly sought after in further education and employment.

A young carer is someone under 18 years of age who provides care and/or support to a family member, including siblings, or a friend, who could not manage without their help. This could be due to illness, disability or age and caring can involve physical and/or emotional support. There are an estimated 21,000 young carers in East Sussex and an estimated 800,000 young carers in the UK*, although the actual figure is unknown because so many young carers are hidden. Read more about young carers, their caring role and the challenges that they face.

We are running free activities for young carers in East Sussex to join and have fun with other young carers.

Get creative with Young Carers photography

Take part in fun photography sessions where you can take photos and learn new photography skills, working with local photographer, John Cole. You’ll be able to use your own camera or mobile phone, or we can provide cameras to use. The workshop starts on Tuesday 6th April with three further sessions over two weeks. You will learn and develop your creativity, photographic skills and self-confidence through photography.  The sessions are for young carers in East Sussex aged 11-17 years. You can see John’s photography on his website here.

When: First photography session starts 6th April 2021, then three further sessions on Friday 9th April, Tuesday 13th April, Friday 16th April 2021. 11am-1pm.

Where: Online with Zoom, we’ll give you the details.

Contact us for further information and to book a place.

Have fun at the Young Carers Club

Join our Young Carers Club for an evening of fun, games, jokes and laughter. You will get a chance to meet other young carers, find out all about our competition to design a badge for young carers and have a say in the activities and outings that we are planning. We would love to see you! The club is for young carers in East Sussex aged 5-17 years.

When: Thursday 22nd April 2021, 5pm-6.30pm

Where: Online with Zoom, we’ll give you the details.

Contact us for further information and to book a place.

Calling all young carers! Get involved.

Young Carers Action Day is a great way to make everyone aware of young carers and share all of the skills that you have as a young carer. You can download and use the materials below.

A campaign pack – packed with lots of ideas to get involved and create awareness

Skills card – share on social media to tell everyone about the amazing skills you have gained as a young carer. Use #YoungCarersActionDay and tag @CarersTrust and @CarefortheCarers in your posts.

Skills journal – a great tool to write down all the skills you already have and to track all the fantastic work you are doing balancing caring on top of everything else, including your education. You can use it in the future when applying for jobs or courses.

Poster – download and share this poster with your friends, family and networks.

Are you an employer? Employers can help to remove barriers blocking the path of young carers into work, and offer opportunities that can help young carers fit work around their caring responsibilities. Find out more here.

Young carers East Sussex


Being a young carer

You can read about young carers, Samuel, Benjamin and Oliver, who look after their mum, Nicki. Read their story here.


Support available for young carers in East Sussex

We want to let all young carers know that they are not alone. Our Young Carers service is available for all young carers aged 5 to 17 years living, attending school or caring for someone in East Sussex. We also have a Young Adult Carers (YAC) service which is for young adults aged from 16 to 25 years old, offering groups, 1-to-1 advice and support and activities.

East Sussex Young Carers, provided by IMAGO, supports Young Carers aged 5-18. Find out more about their services here.

Carers Song written and performed by Young Adult Carers

Last year, Young Adult Carers wrote, produced and performed their own song expressing their lives as carers. Watch and share to raise awareness.

Young carers statistics

Many young carers report positive experiences because of their caring role, including increased maturity; and development of life, care-related and social skills. However, caring can also negatively impact on their wellbeing, health and prospects in life and the pandemic is taking its toll on young and young adult carers.

  • An estimated 1 in 5 secondary school pupils are young carers
  • Young carers have significantly lower educational attainment as they miss an average of 48 school days a year (Children’s Society, 2019)
  • They struggle with physical and mental wellbeing, with over 50% of young carers reporting that being a young carer had impacted on their emotional and mental health; 56% said that being a young carer made them feel anxious or worried and just under 40% said it made them feel like they could not cope (Barnardo’s, 2017)
  • Over 80% report missing out on what other children are doing (Carers Trust, 2019)
  • Since the pandemic, 40% of young carers and 59% of young adult carers say their mental health is worse
  • Since the pandemic, 58% of young carers who are caring for longer are spending on average ten hours a week more on their caring responsibilities. Among young adult carers the proportion is even higher at 63.6%. Read more about the impact that the pandemic is having on young carers. (Carers Trust 2020)

Find out more about Young Carers Action Day on the Carers Trust website here.

*Children’s Society