There are some 6.4 million unpaid carers in the UK who are looking after an ill, older or disabled family member, friend or partner. The number is only set to increase as society becomes increasingly dependent on the contribution of unpaid carers, who save the economy £132 billion per year (Carers UK).

Caring, however, can have a big impact of a person's physical and mental wellbeing, as well as affecting them financially. Some of the impacts include, but are not limited to, loss of identity; poor self-esteem; physical health problems, particularly problems with bad backs; relationship difficulties with the person they care for and other family members or friends; and stress, anxiety or depression. 

No one should be left alone, and it is vital that all unpaid carers feel supported in their caring role, or feel supported to stop caring, if that's what they choose.

For information about how you can support carers in your community or organisation, please see our Building Carer Friendly Communities initiative , or if you're an unpaid carer in East Sussex looking for support, please contact our carers hub..