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Throughout 2019 Care for the Carers celebrates its 30th Anniversary! Can you celebrate unpaid carers by holding your own 80s themed party to help us support carers in need? 

To give you some ideas, we've asked the senior management team below to share their favourite things about the 80s.


Jennifer Twist BA (Hons) MA

Jennifer joined Care for the Carers in 2006, becoming CEO in 2012. Jennifer has over 10 years’ experience of working with carers, partners and stakeholders to champion carers’ rights and achieve the services and support that they need and deserve. Throughout her career, she has focused on care, working in both voluntary and commercial sectors, and particularly specialising in caring for vulnerable older people and supporting unpaid carers.

What Jennifer loved about the 80s...

  • Favourite band/song of the 80s: Arghh, so much to choose from! I had very diverse taste - from Stock, Aitken & Waterman, to Sigue Sigue Sputnik!
  • Favourite film of the 80s: Lost Boys – the 'Death by Stereo' scene!
  • Favourite memory/fact/moment of the 80s: The Berlin Wall coming down. I went to Germany on an exchange not long after the wall came down so have some of it, and was massively struck by the difference between East and West Germany, both physically and the difference in how people thought, and the prejudice at the time.

Senior Management Team

Jo Egan BA (Hons) – Director of Services

Jo joined Care for the Carers in March 2016. She has over 15 years’ experience working in the voluntary sector, in the areas of domestic violence, mental health, well-being, carers, and young people. At Care for the Carers, Jo is the strategic lead for direct services, counselling, safeguarding, outcomes measurement, and database development.

What Jo loved about the 80s...

  • Favourite band/song of the 80s? "Tiffany! I remember listening to her cassette on a loop and arguing with my sisters about which of our albums would get played in the car on our weekend trips to visit grandparents in London. I think their choices were Madonna and Jive Bunny, so I’m not convinced any of us had very good taste!"
  • Favourite film of the 80s? "I loved The Breakfast Club and watched it over and over with my best friend, although that was probably in the 90s – we thought we were very cool for being ‘retro’! Dirty Dancing was a big favourite which we used to watch a lot with my mum, who was a big Patrick Swayze fan, and I still know all the words to the soundtrack. I never mastered the final ‘lift’ dance move though."

Stephanie BlakeStephanie Blake AAT qualified – Finance and Office Manager

Stephanie is a qualified Accounting Technician with more than 10 years' post-qualification experience. Stephanie’s career started in practice with the management of several nursing homes and later moved to the education sector where she held the position of school business manager. Stephanie’s skills ensure Care for the Carers financial resources are optimised and office systems continue to be efficient and effective.

And here Stephanie spills the beans about her best 80s memories:

  • Favourite band/song of the 80s? 'I should be so lucky' by Kylie. I loved Neighbours and the characters Charlene and Scott Robinson. Their wedding was amazing! So I bought her first album on vinyl and learnt all the words of her songs from the inside cover!
  • Favourite film of the 80s? Dead Poets Society. I saw it on my first trip to the cinema with my friends and I was so touched by the film that I remember crying and when the lights came up trying to discreetly hide this from my friends.
  • Favourite memory/fact/moment of the 80s? The Great Storm of 1987 – I remember waking up, feeling my bed shake, going into my mum and dad's room and finding them awake drinking cups of tea and being told not to worry and go back to bed. Then I woke up in the morning, and our tree had fallen down over our drive. So the next day was spent cutting up the tree and trying to survive with no electricity (now my Mum always insists on having a gas stove!).

Fancy taking a trip down memory lane to the '80s and helping carers at the same time? Of course you do!

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Operations Team

Our dedicated team of support workers deliver Care for the Carers’ direct services to carers, including Carers Hub, support and advice, groups, training and counselling. The team brings an extensive and varied background of skills and knowledge to their work, including previous experience of advice work in a range of settings, social work, and counselling.

Partnerships Team  

The Partnerships Team plays a cross cutting role within the organisation and builds strong working relationships with our partners. The team is responsible for enabling unpaid carers to share their views and experiences through our Carers Voices Network and represent carers at a strategic level. We keep people informed through our social media, website and publications and raise awareness of unpaid carers through our campaigns and Carer Friendly Community work.  

Office staff and administration

At the heart of our team is a small group of staff dedicated to the running of Care for the Carers as a charity. They work hard to create a welcoming environment at the Carers Centre and keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes.