Juliet’s Birthday Fundraiser

I have chosen to fundraise for Care for the Carers, the largest organisation supporting unpaid carers in East Sussex. I work for Heringtons LLP and this is our chosen charity.

As my Birthday approaches this year, I am in a fortunate and happy position in my life. So rather than having people (kindly!) spend money on me on Birthday Presents, I am instead asking people who had intended to do that (you do not have to!!) to help me in fundraising for Care for the Carers, to enable the organisation to reach more unpaid carers in East Sussex and ensure that no one is left to care alone.

Care for the Carers exists to enable carers voices to be heard and provide services in response to what they need and want. They deliver a number of services including information and advice groups, specialist groups, one to one support, specialised counselling and a ‘Carers Voices’ Network and Forum.

Last year they supported over 8,000 carers, however with more than 65,000 carers in East Sussex alone there are still so many out there that need their support. By donating to my fundraiser you are helping them to reach those people- so thank you!

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