There are over 65,000 people caring for someone in East Sussex, with more people taking on caring responsibilities every day. Christmas time can be desperately lonely for carers, people like Rita: 

Rita is 70 years old, she has been caring for her husband Albert since he was diagnosed with Dementia ten years ago. They have been married for 47 years, and have shared their lives together in Hastings.  

However since Albert’s diagnosis things have changed for the both of them. Albert needs care every hour of every day, he gets confused all the time and doesn’t want to go out. Their children and grandchildren try and do what they can, but they don’t live nearby and they don’t understand that Albert will not leave the house so Rita can’t get a break. 

This year Rita and Albert will be having Christmas at their home, like they have done since Albert was first diagnosed. They can’t go to one of their children’s houses as Albert gets confused and distressed. Rita will make Christmas dinner and will sit with the husband she has known and loved for over 50 years, but he will not recognise her anymore. Christmas is just like any other day for Rita, she will be looking after Albert and feel all alone. Rita is desperate for some time to herself, for somebody to talk to, for some help with Albert and to not feel so alone. 

By donating to our campaign you can ensure that Rita gets the support she needs in 2018. 

At Care for the Carers we provide a range of services to carers including information and advice groups, specialist groups, one to one support, specialised counselling and a ‘Carers Voices’ Network and Forum, so no one is left to care alone. 

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