Carers' Words, Carers' Lives

Care for the Carers has produced a poetry anthology of carers’ writing, Carers’ Words, Carers’ Lives, as part its creative writing project.Read more

In focus: Wellbeing Groups

Wellbeing groups are regular, informal drop-in groups for all carers, with input at some groups from carer support workers.Read more

Carers Breaks - Roger

Former carer Roger Strange-Burlong looked after his wife for 13 years and here he talks to Care for the Carers about his experience of getting a break from his caring role and the impact on his health and wellbeing.Read more

Carers Breaks - Derek

Derek Kayes-Knight is a carer for his wife Susan, who is living with dementia.Read more

In focus: Young Adult Carers Group

The Young Adult Carers Groups are monthly evening groups for carers aged 17 to 25 years.Read more