Carer for the Carers' Partnerships Manager Teresa Flower and writer in residence Evlynn Sharp joined retired nurse Janet Hardacre at the launch of her new book Taking Care of People with Dementia. 

The book, which Janet hopes can support unpaid carers, features personal experiences from carers who look after people with dementia; reflections on what to expect in the caring role; hints and tips on the practical aspects of providing care; and advice on essential items that can make life more comfortable for people living with dementia. 

Janet told the Mid Sussex Times: “I believe that people with dementia deserve to be respected in our society, and unpaid carers must be acknowledged for what they do – their voices can go unheard. In presenting this book, I hope that everybody will find something to help them in their caring roles, and perhaps some people may feel less isolated and alone in the role.”

Earlier this year Care for the Carers facilitated a focus group for the book to be discussed and the charity's is pleased to have been able to support Janet's work.